End to End Solution for your Milk Delivery App

Get Complete control over your business and effectively handle customer requirements using our Milk Delivery App.

Order Management

Enable clients to digitally place, adjust, and revoke subscriptions as well as one-time orders using our dairy management system.

Payment Management

Automate payment management by generating invoices automatically and delivering them to customers digitally, as well as handling payment collection and reconciliation processes.

Stock Management

Automatically generate future coming stock reports with accurate information regarding the total stock necessary to meet customer demand.

Route Management

Creating routes and automatically optimizing the delivery path contributes to reducing fuel expenses and enhancing the speed of deliveries.

Report and Analysis

Receive automatically generated business reports covering areas such as sales analytics, product sales, distribution and logistics, as well as profit and loss statements.

Customer Management

Utilize our milk management software to effectively handle both B2B and B2C customer data, while also conducting an in-depth analysis of customer behaviors.

Personalise Customer Experience With Milk Delivery App

Enhance your customers' satisfaction by introducing a milk delivery mobile app. Furnish them with instant updates on their order status and enable live order tracking for a smooth and gratifying customer journey.

Place & Modify Orders Digitally

Clients have the option to digitally initiate fresh orders, modify existing ones, and seamlessly terminate their orders. Automatically generated order summaries and invoices are also provided.

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Multiple Payment Options

customer can pay their outstanding bill payments through online methods (including debit cards, credit cards, and payment gateways such as Paytm, Stripe, PayPal, SagaPay, and TrustPay) or by using cash.

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Access Order History

Clients have the ability to retrieve their order history at their convenience, facilitating order reconciliation with corresponding invoices. Providing these functionalities fosters confidence and enhances the brand's worth.

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Live-order Status Tracking

Enable clients to monitor their orders in live updates and receive projected arrival times (ETA). Push notifications are utilized to transmit order status updates.

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Features of Milk Delivery App

Optimize and Automate Your Complete Milk Delivery Enterprise Using Our Milk Delivery App.
  • Facilitate the management of vacant milk bottles by enabling drivers to record the collected bottles through the driver app.
  • Monitor the performance of delivery drivers to track the efficiency of the delivery process.
  • Achieve precise ordering through automated scheduling and dispatching, eliminating the possibility of human errors.
  • Obtain the electronic proof of delivery (achieved through OTP verification or capturing a picture) to prevent potential customer disagreements in the future.
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction ratings by upholding seamless communication between drivers and customers.
  • Activate the "refer and earn" functionality from the backend in order to decrease customer acquisition expenses.